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I've been deleting a lot of friends and communities lately. People I feel I have not much in common with anymore, especially fandoms I'm not at all into (anymore), people I don't talk much to, communities that haven't been updated in ages, icon communities that mostly have ugly icons, etc. I feel so much better reading my flist and filters now, not so much uninteresting stuff to scroll through. And I don't think I'm done yet. I know I have not been very communicative these past months but that does not mean I need to keep everyone. It is weird to delete some that have been with me for years sometimes. But people change and it's silly to cling to the past.
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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture this journal is friends only.

I am just your average freak tv junkie/fangirl but I'm not great on writing exiting fandomy stuff. I post a lot about my life, mostly about uni, my dog, friends and family, etc. which is kinda boring I guess.

I'm always open to new friends but I don't add back automatically.

A fair warning though, I suck with comments.. and it can take ages for me to reply.

If you still want to add me go ahead ;) Just comment to say hi, tell me how you've found me and maybe why you've added me. I'll check you out and decide about adding you back.


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